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“Star has not only made an amazing difference in my singing ability but also my overall confidence, even outside of the performing arts.

I look forward to her lessons every week because they very fun and we have lots of laughs.”


"In 2017 my son joined the Trapdoor family and we met the wonderful Star! Her friendly, caring and encouraging personality puts children at ease and really helps them grow as little performers.

We subsequently saw Star perform in several shows and were left stunned at her beautiful voice.

It seemed the easiest decision in the world to chose her when we decided to invest in a singing teacher!

My son has enjoyed many singing lessons with Star and we could not be happier with what they have achieved together.

Star is patient, fun and we all adore her. She inspires and supports so many children and we feel very very lucky to have her in our lives."



"I went to Star in preparation for an audition for a part; I had never done a solo and had only had one audition previously for a duet, and so was nervous about going for the audition.

Star is an amazing teacher who helped me enormously with my confidence and the audition song which I was initially struggling with.

She broke the song down into sections so I could learn when to breath correctly to hit the higher notes and taught me how to breathe into the notes.

If it wasn’t for Star I wouldn’t have even gone for the audition, never mind getting the part!

I highly recommend Star and I will definitely be going back for my next audition prep."



Thomas Hackett,


"Star brought so much energy and enthusiasm to 'Follies'. She showed great respect for the cast, always encouraging and helping them to be the best they could be. The way she shaped the choreography to fit the narrative of the piece helped towards creating a memorable production for all involved."

Jordan Langford,


"Star worked as my assistant on a production of the new musical Secret Santa: The Frost Files in 2018. She was a dream to work with: super efficient, conscientious and hard working. I really enjoyed working with her on this production and would recommend her to anyone as an assistant or in a leadership position."

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